Soft Drinks

While many different categories make up the American beverage product picture, carbonated soft drinks and their diet counterparts continue to be some of the most popular. These drinks have a long history in the U.S. having had a significant cultural impact.

A soft drink is a drink that does not contain alcohol and is usually refers to as a sweet drink. Many carbonated soft drinks are available in versions sweetened with sugars or with non-caloric sweeteners. Soft drinks are often carbonated and commonly consumed while cold and or at room temperature. Some of the most common soda pops include cola, flavored water, sparkling water, iced tea, sweet tea, sparkling lemonade, squash, fruit punch, root beer, orange soda, grape soda, cream soda, and ginger ale.

Undoubtedly, carbonated soft drinks have occupied a unique place in the hearts, minds and palates of the American consumer.