Drink Business

The drink business can be very profitable. More than 3,000 companies in the United States manufacture and distribute drinks. While there is certainly a lot of competition in this business area, there are also great opportunities. While most consumers are familiar with the big names in the drink business industry like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, there are many regional drink makers and distributors that have profitable drink endeavors of their own. The world of drinks is not limited to carbonated soft drinks; you can find great opportunities in sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored and vitamin infused waters, teas, hot beverages, and more, including beer, wine and distilled spirits.

The large drink consuming public is always eager for the next big thing in refreshments and those wishing to start their own drink business in the U.S. have a distinct advantage. The drink business is a mature category, which means that the necessary infrastructure is already in place. Sourcing of raw materials, transportation, processing capabilities, distribution networks, industry experts, business consultants, an ample workforce, and regulations that ensure a consistent application of standards for all companies—all contribute to making the drink business a vibrant industry.